Our Story

Terri Horn, the founder of Kayak Cookies, has been a baker most of her life. She started baking bread in her grandmother’s kitchen and chocolate chip cookies at her mother’s side. Since childhood, the kitchen is the place she’s felt most at home. It is her passion for all things baked and made by hand that inspire the mission of Kayak Cookies: to make fewer things and make them well. It is with handpicked ingredients and passionate bakers that we create incredible cookies.

Kayak Cookies’ story originated on the coastal waters of Maine, while Terri was paddling on an extended trip with family and friends. The original Oatmeal Raisin Salty Oats were always a mainstay on her trips, whether enjoyed waking up to a morning sunrise, as an energy boost in between hours of paddling, or around the campfire at day’s end. Therein lies the inspiration for the name of her company.

After leaving her career as pastry chef, Terri founded Kayak Cookies in Washington, D.C, where Salty Oats were instantly acclaimed.

In 2005, Terri’s love of the ocean and the outdoors brought her to Cape Cod, the current headquarters of Kayak Cookies. The bakery is located in an old, historic warehouse in Hyannis, MA just 1/2 a block south of the east end of Main Street. Upon entering, it’s like inhaling a little piece of heaven!

When not baking, Terri spends her time outdoors exploring the Cape with Clementine and Daisy Mae, her two yellow labs. These days, kayaking takes a back seat to baking, but her boat and the close-by waters of Cape Cod are always ready!