"Subtly sweet. Curiously salty."

salty oats by kayak cookies


There are currently three flavors of Salty Oats cookies: Original Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate, and Chunky Chocolate Pecan.

Our newest member of the Salty Oats family…
Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Choose from a single flavor bag or our popular Mixed Bag, two of each flavor nestled in a cello bag with wraphia ribbon and our signature Salty Oats label.

Kayak Cookie Story

Terri Horn, founder, has been a baker most of her life. She started baking bread in her grandmother’s kitchen, and chocolate chip cookies at her mother’s side. Since childhood, the kitchen is the place she’s felt most at home. It is her passion for all things baked and made by hand that inspire the mission of Kayak Cookies; to make fewer things and make them well. It is with handpicked ingredients and passionate bakers that we create incredible cookies.

Cookie Club

If you don’t live close to retail establishments who sell our cookies, and you can’t come to the bakery to buy them, we think the next best thing is to join the Salty Oats Cookie Club and receive a “baker’s-pick” monthly package of our cookies—always baked and shipped the same day!

What could be a sweeter way to treat yourself or someone special in your life?